Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Everyone want to be in comfortable zone to enjoy their life at max.
some people likes to be lonely and it makes comfortable for that they can avoid unnecessary problems.
its not a good way to lead a life.Being in comfortable zone,,we can't achieve anything.

There was a church priest(father) in small town.He used to tell story from bible everytime in church.only same people came to that church to hear that stories.
He got bored of that and he wanted to meet some other people.once he walked over the street he saw a house with well-groomed looks nice for his eyes.
that house owner maintained that garden he went to that house and met that house owner.And he praised owner that God blessed him well so that he got such a beautiful garden in his house and peaceful life.
For that the owner replied "5 yrs before God gave only a waste land to me,from that i made this beautiful garden by working hard"
He was in uncomfortable zone to make this kind of comfortable life

so to get into comfortable zone,we should cross through uncomfortable zones.

suppose if the shop keeper wants to be comfortable means he should satisfy the customer by all ways for that he should give a good look of the shop by clean's the uncomfortable for him to do that.
If a student wants to get Good marks(Comfortable),he should work hard for that by preparing everything(Uncomfortable).
we can incorporate this concept in all our activity.

Its common in our life also...we are running towards comfortable zone...

->>when i was in 10 th std ,everyone told "PUBLIC EXAM..its very very important in our life.if u cross this with good marks then your life is good."
so i thought after completing this 10th, NO WORRIES..(comfortable) studying studying studying[note:didn't get marks what i expected]

->>Next come 12th std...again parents,teachers,everyone started "its the TURNING POINT in your life,once you cross this with good score,your life will be good and then you can enjoy fully in College life."
so again started studying(work) hard to move for comfortable zone.

->>entered into College,thought now fully free but...
in 1st Year ..parents "1st yr is common for everyone,so try to get gud marks."
then seniors,"the mark u r getting in 1st yr is more important,it ll help you to get good overall cant get more than that in other semesters."

in 2nd year...others,"actually in this university they wont take 1st yr marks,they ll calculate it from 2nd work hard".
in 3rd year..."Don't keep arrears,its the time for CAMPUS,get ready for that..PREPARE,Work hard"
in 4th year..."Project is very very important,try to do very good own project,because while u go to interview they ll ask about your college project and all"
so college life went just like that by chasing for comfortable zone....

->>company scenario...thought thats all,,settled in life..
again seniors and higher authority started..." 1st two years is very very important for FRESHERS,its the very crucial period for u people,try to learn more,that ll reflect your FULL CAREER you have to work hard for that to improve your performance level"
so now again in uncomfortable zone for facing towards comfortable zone...

atlast i came to know,,,



saravanan said...

basically u are trying to say 'No Pain No Gain'
the academic things u compared are realistic...

good start...carry on

Bhargavi said...

Yeah.. In order to get something we wish for, we should sacrifice something else.

I almost believed you when you said that you studied hard in 10th n 12th.. But the college build ups OMG!! :D
Did you really take all the semester exams that seriously?!

And our project work.. big time comedy!!
I owe alot to BonTon :P

Philip Kingsley said...

In my opinion...

When people say that you are comfortable in life. That doesnt mean that you dont face any problem. You will have challenges in your job. Even in the example u gave we can see that. To the pastor's eyes, it was that the house owner was in a comfortable position with his garden. That doesnt mean that he didnt have to do gardening everyday. He has to do work to maintain his comfortable position