Monday, September 29, 2008


hi ,
atlast am also entered into bloggers world.dunno whether i ll keep on updating this blog or not.
anyway i ll try to mak this blog more informative as much i can.


Philip Kingsley said...

Machi superub. Semma periya post da... Padika padika vanthukitae irruku da... aduthatherava ckoncham chinatha post pannu.. Ok?

Srini said...

Nice topic da.

Saran said...

ok da...hereafter i ll reduce my post da.. :)


Bhargavi said...


We are vetti at home n are blogging.. why you?
I thought you were busy with your job :P

Your pet's name! What an innovative n appropriate name!!

searching for a good title?
I suggest that you name your blog after your gal friend ;)
What say?

Saran said...

am not busy and all mostly vetti only.

thanks4ur compliment abt my pet's name.silenta kalaaikura!!!ok vidu:)

so many to put all those in single title :) what to do?

saravanan said...

hmm good start jeeva... here am vetti in office... so my time pass wil be going through many blogs only...
so post many things so tat i can pass time in office by it.

then got many gal friends ah...ilaiye athu thapa aache...[:)]

Aslam said...

Hey man... good to see u here too..
and like said before i am surprised to see u make time for this..!!

As for the name.. keep it simple, but sophisticated and but with dash of class and panache.. touched with a spot of modesty coupled with a bit of humour...

see how simple it is.. no sweat at all..!!